30 million euros for 10 electric and 100 gas buses in Serbia

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The mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Radojicic, announced that the city will renew the vehicle fleet this year with 10 electric and 100 new gas buses, worth about 30 million euros, the city administration announced.
He reminded that 339 new buses, worth around 550 thousand euros, had been purchased since 2014, and that 244 buses worth around 45 million euros had been purchased in 2019.
Radojicic said that the new vehicles provide comfort to passengers, as well as that they pollute the environment less.
Speaking about the financial side of the functioning of city transport, he said that in 2019, 131 million euros were provided for public transport, that 63 million euros were provided by selling tickets, and that the city actually co-financed about 67.7 million euros.
He added that about 110,000 employees buy subscription tickets annually, and that 200,000 employees do not buy, and that, if the purchase of tickets increased by 50 percent, they could buy more than 150 new vehicles annually.
The mayor announced that the new EKO line (EKO2) will have a route from Belgrade Waterfront to Kalemgdan, BizLife reports.