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40,000 foreign tourists visit Belgrade for New Year

More than 40,000 foreign tourists welcomed the new year in Belgrade, head of the Belgrade Tourist Organization Miodrag Popovic said on Tuesday.

According to Popovic, “Belgrade is a city that lives from tourism, too.”

“The revenue we achieve is important for this city. By October 2018, we did better than in 2017, which was also record-breaking in terms of revenue in tourism,” he told RTS.

In November most foreign tourists visiting Belgrade came from Turkey, followed by those from China.

“Ten years ago, the Chinese weren’t even among the top ten. This only shows how much this synergy at all levels of the state, and the persistent work, and our truly close and friendly relations can help promote not only Belgrade but also the whole of Serbia in China,” Popovic noted.

Popovic also invited visitors and Belgraders to take part in the “Open Heart Street” humanitarian event, traditionally held on January 1 in the Serbian capital.

Source; B92