9.2 million euros from the Serbian budget reserve are allocated for the vaccine factory

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The Serbian government has set aside 9.2 million euros for the construction of a vaccine factory.
As it was reported at the time, the factory in which the vaccine of the Chinese company will be produced is a joint investment of Serbia, China and the United Arab Emirates.
In June this year, the Institute for Roads from Belgrade got a job that includes the preparation of technical documentation for equipping the location, resolving property and legal relations and building access roads on plots in Surcin, Zemun polje and Bezanijska Kosa.
The Institute should receive 600 thousand euros for these jobs with the accompanying infrastructure, access roads and connecting roads, is stated in the Decision of the Government of Serbia.
The total amount was transferred from the budget of the Ministry of Economy to the budget reserve, and then allocated to the Ministry of Defense in order to provide the missing funds needed for the construction of the special purpose facility “Vaccine Factory”, the decision reads.
The money that will be used for the construction of the vaccine factory was originally intended in the budget for subsidies to private companies in order to mitigate the consequences caused by the pandemic.
From the same part of the budget, money was redirected for the construction and equipping of Covid hospitals in Batajnica, Novi Sad and Krusevac.
In August, the Belgrade Directorate for Construction Land and Construction awarded the job of equipping the location for the vaccine factory in Zemun to a group of bidders consisting of Ras Inzenjering Niskogradnja, DC “Energocoop”, Resa gradnja, Biodekor and the entrepreneurial agency “GEO SPES”.
The public procurement was conducted as a negotiated procedure without a public invitation, one of the most non-transparent tender procedures, and the reason for that is stated to be “works that are important for the suppression of the coronavirus epidemic”.
The total price for performing these works is around 15 million euros, Nova Ekonomija reports.