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A new building of the Clinical Center of Serbia has been opened

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The new reconstructed tower of the Clinical Center of Serbia (KCS), which covers 86,000 square meters, was officially opened today.

The new tower of the Clinical Center of Serbia has 12 floors and a total of 825 hospital beds, which will be arranged so that 231 beds will be in the intensive care unit, 547 beds will be in the semi-intensive care unit and 47 beds in the hospital for daily treatment.

It was opened in the presence of President Aleksandar Vučić, who stated that this health institution is equipped with instruments and equipment of the latest generation.

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He stated that 400 new doctors will be employed in the new Clinical Center, emphasizing that, “even though it is a long-term blow to the budget, the health of the citizens is the most important thing for the state.”

“However, we believe that health is of crucial interest and importance,” the president pointed out.

Vučić said that he would see the income for February tomorrow, because the expenses were enormous, and if they are as good as on February 15, then he can happily say that the employment of 400 new doctors will not be particularly felt.

When asked what will happen to the old buildings of the Clinical Center, he pointed out that he does not know which clinics will be transferred to the new one.

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“Some cross over as a whole, and with some it’s harder. There are some serious reasons, from waiting for the second phase to move to completion, and somewhere you have the question of how much office someone wants to have. “We will overcome all minor children’s diseases and arrange the entire space of the Clinical Center in the best way, to free part of the buildings and see what to do with them,” he explained.

There will be less crowds and waiting for examinations

Vučić said that the goal is to make it less crowded and more passable for the citizens.

“The most important thing is that doctors and nurses have the best working conditions, and above all patients the best treatment,” the president said.

Easier care for difficult cases

The director of the Emergency Center, Dr. Marko Ercegovac, said that it would be much easier now to take care of all severe traumas, since the old building of the Emergency Center was fully equipped for such cases in two places, and now there are 24.

The Minister of Health informed him that there would be a heliport within the new KCS, to which Vučić announced that new helicopters would certainly arrive in the country.

The most modern appliances

The President then visited the room where one of the most modern X-ray machines is located, where he was convinced that it really enables full visibility of blood vessels, which makes it much easier for doctors to determine where the blockage is.

Vučić then visited the hall called “robotic surgery”, and then the intensive care unit.

The new building is also equipped with three magnetic resonance imaging, six scanners, and 12 X-ray machines.

In addition to President Vučić, the opening was attended by the Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health Mirsad Đerlek, Director of KCS Milika Ašanin, Director of the Emergency Center Marko Ercegovac, as well as directors of clinics and employees of KCS, Bizlife reports.

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