A new railway bridge over Begej in Zrenjanin was opened to traffic

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Today, the construction of the new railway bridge over Begej in Zrenjanin, on the line Zrenjanin – Zrenjanin factory, was completed, and today it is reopened to traffic after three months, the Infrastructure of the Serbian Railways announced.

The works on this part of the regional railway Pancevo – Zrenjanin – Kikinda were completed, as they stated, two weeks before it was planned, and all static and dynamic tests of the bridge construction were performed.

The new bridge was built instead of the old railway bridge over Begej, which trains passed through for a full eight and a half decades.

The new bridge was made of dismantled elements of the assembly – disassembly structure, which was placed across the Danube in Novi Sad, until the new Žeželj bridge was built.

The works on the 55-meter-long bridge were performed by a consortium of companies consisting of “Karin komerc” from Veternik, “Celik” from Backi Jarak, “Trioprojekt” from Belgrade and “Geodetski biro” from Veternik.

In addition to the construction of the new construction of the bridge over the Begej, the final phase of works on the parts of the bridge that will be used for pedestrian passage is underway.

“The approaches to the bridge, new stairs, pedestrian paths, as well as decorative lighting will be arranged, which will give this whole area a new and more beautiful look,” the Serbian Railway Infrastructure announced.

The bridge on the railway Zrenjanin – Zrenjanin factory, which connects the settlements Berbersko and Ruza Shulman, was closed to traffic on January 4 this year, and at that location, over the old bridge on Begej, traffic has been going on since 1889, they reminded in a statement, N1 reports.

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