A step towards the beginning of the construction of the Serbia-Bulgaria gas interconnector

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The Sector for Contracting and Financing of Programs from the European Union Funds of the Ministry of Finance informed the public that an agreement on the supervision of works on the construction of a gas interconnector between Serbia and Bulgaria on the territory of Serbia has been concluded.
The contract worth 3,300,200 euros was concluded on November 24 with the French company SAFEGE (SUAZ Consulting).
According to the latest information, the construction of the gas connection with Bulgaria, from Nis to Dimitrovgrad, was supposed to start at the end of November, and according to earlier announcements, it should become operational in the middle of next year.
The investment in the 109 kilometer long gas pipeline, with a capacity of 1.8 billion cubic meters of gas, will cost 85.5 million euros.
The agreement was signed by the European Investment Bank in the amount of 25 million euros, 49.6 million euros are non-refundable funds through IPA funds from the European Union, and the rest is provided by the Government of Serbia.
The goal of the construction of this gas pipeline is to diversify the routes through which Serbia received gas, eKapija reports.

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