A successful cooperative means life for the village

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The Minister of Village Care, Milan Krkobabic, stated today, during a visit to the agricultural cooperative “Agrosoj” in the village of Neuzina, that a large number of subcontractors, applied knowledge and modern technologies are the recipe for successful business of cooperatives.

“It is then a good cooperative, and the village in which it is located has a future. We have such cooperatives and we have such villages. If we want to continue the European path, then cooperatives are an imperative “, Krkobabic pointed out, the ministry announced.

As stated, from last year’s Program of the Ministry of Village Care intended for cooperatives, the cooperative “Agrosoj” in the municipality of Secanj was awarded 15 million dinars in non-refundable funds for business improvement by purchasing a line for washing, calibrating and packaging vegetable products.

The director of the cooperative, Nandor Vereš, stated that the line procured with the funds of the Ministry of Village Care is now working without interruption and that only investments in their development of small and larger cooperatives have a perspective.

“These products will be in market chains all over Serbia tomorrow,” Veres said, according to Beta.

Cooperative “Agrosoj” has been operating since 2002, it is engaged in the production of field crops on 650 hectares, cultivation of vegetable and fruit crops on 52 hectares of land, purchase and trade in mercantile goods, as well as placement of reportage materials to farmers.

The president of the Cooperative Union of Vojvodina, Jelena Nestorov Bizonj, pointed out that this is a real example of how, with one serious investment, one cooperative from a producer of primary products became a producer of final products for the retail market, which is the essence of cooperative organization.

Nestorov emphasized that the association received a special quality from producers with intensive production in vegetables, fruit growing and similar crops, because this is the most efficient way to reduce costs, and thus increase productivity and profit.

Since the beginning of the implementation of the cooperative support program, in 2017, ending in 2021, 2.13 billion dinars have been allocated for 207 cooperatives, and this year the Ministry of Rural Care has allocated a new 500 million dinars for these purposes, Politika reports.