Air Serbia flies to Moscow twice a day

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Serbian airline Air Serbia is among the few companies that can land at Russian airports, and its planes will fly twice a day from Moscow to Moscow today.

As can be seen from the reservation system of that company, three aircraft will move in this direction on Friday, Beta agency writes.

Most passengers from Europe, experts estimate, will choose the route through the Middle East and large companies such as Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and Emirates.

Air Serbia planes fly to Moscow via Hungary, Poland and Lithuania. It takes about three hours and ten minutes to travel, which is significantly shorter than the flights of Middle Eastern companies. The largest plane in the fleet of the domestic company – Airbus 330 – was redirected to this route, when it is not flying to New York.

“Because of this situation, we are, by chance, a rare country that has not imposed or received sanctions. “Planes registered in Serbia can fly to Russia,” said the editor of the Tango Six aviation portal, Petar Vujinovic.

He estimated that the Serbian national airline will not profit, since it had losses during the pandemic.

“What will happen is a very large increase in the number of passengers that Air Serbia will have for Moscow and from Moscow. Although it is a small percentage globally, it will be a lot for our carrier. Air Serbia will introduce many more departures to Moscow. Due to a lot of capacity, airline tickets will be very affordable, “said Vujinovic.

Signing an agreement with Turkish Airlines

Air Serbia and Turkish Airlines will further enhance commercial cooperation with a new code-share agreement, which will be extended to destinations within the networks of the two airlines, the domestic airline also announced.

The extension of the code-share agreement was, as stated, officially signed in Istanbul in the presence of the general directors of two airlines, Bilal Ekshi and Jiri Marek.

The two airlines, which already have a code-share agreement for flights between Belgrade and Istanbul, have further enhanced co-operation by adding Air Serbia to its JU code on flights to Anadolu Jet, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, between the Turkish capital Ankara and the capital. of the City of Serbia “, it is stated in the announcement, which was transmitted by Beta.

It is added that at the same time, Turkish Airlines added its TK code to Air Serbia flights between Nis and Istanbul, as well as between Kraljevo and Istanbul, providing passengers on those flights with access to the global network of Turkish airlines.

The joint flights offer, as stated, fast and practical connections for passengers traveling from Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey and a major hub of air traffic in the region, to Belgrade and beyond, as well as for passengers traveling from the Serbian capital to Istanbul and beyond. 

“With the introduction of new code-share flights to several destinations in Serbia, Turkey and the Balkans, passengers are beginning to take advantage of more choice when organizing travel,” said Turkish Airlines CEO Bilal Ekshi.

Air Serbia CEO Jiri Marek said that the improvement of Air Serbia’s commercial cooperation with Turkish Airlines began in mid-2020, just a few months after the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, which completely changed air traffic.

“Despite the fact that we had to work remotely, we managed to agree on extremely successful cooperation on flights between our home airports, which quickly expanded to additional destinations,” Marek said, Biznis reports.