Among the largest exporters in Serbia, Chinese companies dominate

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In the period from January to September, the 15 largest exporters in Serbia achieved an export value of 5.4 billion euros.

Companies producing raw materials dominated, and metal and oil prices contributed to high exports.

The largest individual exporter in this period was the company Serbia Zijin Mining from Brestovac (Serbia Zijin Mining) with 769.5 million euros.

Second on the list of exporters is also the Chinese company HBIS Group, which owns the Smederevo ironworks. In nine months, they exported goods worth 679.5 million euros.

In third place are again the Chinese, Ziđin Bor koper with exports of 676.4 million euros.

In fourth place is NIS with exports of 484.2 million euros, and in fifth place is Tigar Tires from Pirot with 370.8 million euros.

On the list of the largest exporters, Henkel is in sixth place with 368.9 million. Then come factories that produce components for the automotive industry, Leoni Wiring Systems with 309.1 million euros, ZF with 273.2 million and Robert Bosch with 241.8 million euros.

In 10th place is HIP Petrohemija with exports of 241.5 million euros.

They are followed by Jura Corporation (233.3 million euros), Hemofarm (213.1 million euros), Grundfos from Inđija (195.7 million euros), Philip Morris (175.4 million euros) and Gorenje from Valjevo (172.7 million euros).

Looking at the products in the first eight months, the most important export items were electrical machines, apparatus and devices with 1.95 billion euros, metal ores with 1.3 billion euros, iron and steel with 867.6 million euros and power machines with 816.4 million euros.

Imports were dominated by oil and oil derivatives with two billion euros and natural gas with 1.24 billion euros.

Electric machines were imported for 1.5 billion euros, and industrial machines for 982 million euros, Danas writes.

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