Another German company is coming to Serbia

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A branch of the German company “MK – Kliniken AG” will build a factory of 10,000 square meters with facilities for the design and development of specialized transport containers.

In the business zone “North” in Pancevo, on more than 23 hectares, the German company “Naval Box – CAL” Belgrade, the realization of an investment worth 10 million euros begins. A branch of the German company “MK – Kliniken AG” will build a 10,000 square meter factory with facilities for designing and developing specialized transport containers.

Back in 2020, the investor from Germany submitted a letter of intent to the Development Agency of Serbia, from which, among other things, it can be learned that their plan is to invest in land, buildings, materials, equipment and parts, and in the first two years employ around 50 workers full-time, Their assessment is that the realization of this project, in the next 10 years, will lead to an additional 60 million euros of investment, their plan is to build around 100,000 square meters and employ 1,000 people by 2030.

Three more investments by German companies are being realized in Pancevo. The German ZF is in an advanced, fourth phase, which will invest 238 million euros and create 589 new jobs by the end of 2027.

The Ministry of Economy highlights reinvestments with special attention, because new investments by the same companies, he points out, represent confirmation of the economic and political stability of Serbia and the stability of the investment environment. This is supported by data on nine newly signed contracts for projects worth 320 million euros, which will provide 2,500 new jobs, which is, as stated, a new investment momentum in Serbia. On that list are the expansion of the production program of electronic equipment for motor vehicles at the existing location of the ZF company in Pančevo, and the service center in Novi Sad. There is also the company “Brose” and the third party company “Naval Box – CAL”, which is starting to build its production facility. Thus, according to the officials from the local administration, there are no more places in the North 1 and 2 zones, and in the previous year, they worked on the formation of a new industrial zone, which marks a new cycle of industrialization of the city on Tamis. A special plan for the detailed regulation of the “North 3” unit, which covers 55 hectares, has been completed.

“North zone 3 is the area across from zone 1 and is ready for future investors in terms of the detailed regulation plan, which is a condition for issuing a construction permit, and in relation to who will appear as an investor, we will build the necessary utility, power and road infrastructure. The city of Pancevo is certainly still at the top of the largest industrial centers in our country, because it is recognized as a promising place for investments and as a city of the future. All investments relate to the opening of production facilities, and we realize this in cooperation with the Republic Development Agency. Renowned clean technology factories of the auto industry are already working here, as well as a scientific and development center. We are in constant contact with the Development Agency of Serbia, with whom we consider what Pančevo can offer to companies that want to invest in Serbia. There is interest, because Pančevo is a serious city, and we hope that soon we will have an investor in Northern Zone 3, who will be in the same category as the companies that already operate here, such as ZF, ‘Brose’, ‘Naval Box – CAL'”, he points out. for “Politics” Aleksandar Stevanović, mayor of Pancevo, Politika writes.