Any profiteering on exchange rate differences is illegal

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The Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, stated today that any “profiteering” on exchange rate differences is illegal, commenting on the increased purchase of foreign currency in Serbia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

“You have a middle exchange rate, plus or minus 1.25 percent is the range of the exchange rate for which the exchange office has the opportunity to buy or sell foreign currency. “Everything outside of that is a crime,” Mali said on the show “Hit Tweet” on Pink TV.

According to him, the fines for that could be around two million dinars, and he called on the citizens to report if they notice that.

“We already have controls on the ground, we will not allow any spread of panic. There is no reason, there is absolutely no reason, “the minister said.

Mali added that the crowds at the gas stations were caused by the “irresponsible move” of the owner of one of them.

“It was extremely irresponsible. “The fact that one irresponsible person tried to do something wrong, the citizens still saw that there was no shortage of fuel,” said Mali.

He emphasized that he had meetings with representatives of gas stations, as well as that the prices of oil and other energy sources are on the rise.

“We have found a flexible formula to protect the interests of small distributors in fuel retail, and on the other hand not to allow a larger increase in fuel at gas stations and thus protect the interests of citizens,” the minister said, Danas reports.