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Anyone can now build a Tesla generator and save 60%–100% in home or office energy costs

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Affordable Tesla Generator is now available to the public. Creating environmental friendly, free electricity, the dream and brainchild of Nikola Tesla (who obtained approximately 300 patents worldwide for his inventions), has now become a reality for those who wish to supplement their power needs or move totally off the grid.In 1934, Nikola Tesla, the “Einstein of Electricity” announced to the world that he had “harnessed the rays of the sun and caused them to operate a motive device.”

However, rather than support his new findings as they had so many others, the government actually cut his funding and hushed his ground-breaking discovery. At his death, both his body and his papers mysteriously disappeared. Now that the Freedom of Information Act is in play, some of those important blueprints have resurfaced, and Tesla’s invention for environmental friendly electricity has finally become a reality.  By using some 21st century advancements and Tesla’s original concepts, anyone can now build a Tesla generator and save 60%–100% in home or office energy costs. The smallest device can easily power a cell phone, but the larger models are equipped to handle appliances, media equipment, camping needs and even whole house electricity. In places such as remote cabins, where bringing in electric wiring would be cost-prohibitive, a Tesla generator can become the perfect affordable alternative.  These environmental friendly power units can be built with simple, downloadable plans and less than $100 in electrical components that are readily available at the local hardware store. According to Suzanne Wool of Chicago, Illinois, “This technology is the real deal and it changed our lives…”  

As electrical bills continue to rise and speculation about fossil fuel increasingly hangs over everyone’s head, knowing that there is an environmentally friendly way to satisfy your power needs without breaking the bank is cause for celebration. Finally breaking free of the control of big energy companies may seem too good to be true, but satisfied customers have found that they can cut their energy bills in half or even become totally independent of the local electrical company if they so choose.  While solar energy has recently been a promoted as an alternative to high energy bills, installation and adaptation always seem to involve spending a small fortune on solar panels and praying for sunny days. Alternatively, the Tesla generator does not require sunshine. It is simply an innovative method of harnessing some of those 200 billion watts of sun power that shoots towards earth each day. And what’s more amazing is that Tesla’s environmental friendly plans are simple and easy to follow. You can literally download them in minutes and build your own unit within the next couple of days or less, just as soon as you collect the necessary components.

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The new caretakers of Tesla’s invention share his desire to help the common man. They have made everything you need to build your own power-generating unit easily available and affordable. But they have even gone one step further. Because they are so sure that you will be overwhelmingly satisfied with this product, they are offering a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee to anyone who is not absolutely happy with this product. It doesn’t get much better than that. This is a win-win situation for everybody involved. Finally Nikola Tesla is seeing his dream realized. Affordable electricity is available to everyone.


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