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Architect Santiago Calatrava visited potential locations for new building of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

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After staying in Belgrade for two days, world-acknowledged and celebrated architect Santiago Calatrava, who came to the capital city of Serbia at the invitation of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s Zubin Mehta Foundation, said that drawing of plans for the new building of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra would represent a real challenge for him.

Having finished the tour of potential locations for the construction of that building, the Spanish architect said he was thrilled with the urban potential of Belgrade and welcomed the plan of the city officials to launch transformation of Belgrade’s large building resources in the coastal areas of the Danube and Sava rivers.

“The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s Zubin Mehta Foundation are honored by the fact that Mr. Calatrava is hired to design the building and that Belgrade may in that way appear on the map of the selected cities in which there are buildings designed by such important person in the contemporary architecture”, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s Zubin Mehta Foundation announced.

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Santiago Calatrava has given one of his drawings to the citizens of Belgrade as a sign of gratitude for the warm reception by his hosts and the people of Belgrade who are delighted with the idea that he is going to be the author of the future building of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

– After this exceptional reception by the republic and city officials, I can say that I am very satisfied with the visit to Belgrade – said Santiago Calatrava and supplemented his impressions with the following words:

During the last day, I had a chance to talk with the management of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and Zubin Mehta Foundation and get familiar with the situation in this orchestra and its plans for the construction of a new concert hall.

Implementation of this project is of huge importance, primarily because young ambitious people at the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra are putting so much effort into the project of immeasurable significance to the city and the country.

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– This orchestra, absolutely committed to music, constantly works on the creation of a brand new cultural map of Serbia – said Mr. Calatrava.


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