Are you looking for a master, choose a master based on his grades

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Spring cleaning is something that most people know: as soon as the first rays of the sun and the spring months come, there is a desire to thoroughly clean and redecorate your living or business space, ie to refresh it after a cold and gloomy winter. Whether we want to paint the walls, install air conditioning or redecorate our garden, we will need the help of experts – reliable craftsmen who will quickly and easily help us with that intention. Everyone has been convinced at least once that finding such a master is not an easy task, but platforms like Daibau deny it.

You need masters right now, but they are overbooked…

When daily temperatures exceed the twentieth division, most tend to paint and refresh their walls. Although some resort to doing it themselves, those who do not want to spend their free time on painting, and at the same time are not sure that they will do it at a satisfactory level and without making a mess, will go in search of painters. As most of them call them at the same time, the schedule of painters is full and they cannot meet everyone, so they are forced to refuse jobs. The outcome is easy to conclude: even if we find painters who meet our criteria, they will hardly be available or will be able to go out on the field in the period when we imagined it.

The situation is the same when it comes to other works. When the day gets longer and the number of sunny hours increases, everyone wants to spend their free time outdoors, so in the spring there is a desire to decorate the yard. However, it is not such an easy task to find a suitable, and at the same time freelance master who is qualified to decorate the exterior and work in our place.

The search for masters that gives effective results in an hour

However, there is a solution how to get a master who is ready and free to go out on the field in the desired time and at our location. The Daibau platform connects contractors, ie craftsmen, with all those who need them, that is, those who want to build or renovate their living or business space, for the mutual benefit.

More than 300 specialized categories in the field of construction, design and renovation can be found on the platform, and about 20,000 contractors are available. You must have wondered how this platform works?

There is an inquiry on the Daibau platform that takes only a few minutes to complete. In the inquiry, we provide a description of the desired work, the time period during which the work should be performed, as well as the location where the contractors should come. So, for example, if you want to refresh the walls in your home, you need to choose painting in the type of work, and then only briefly describe your wishes, specify the area in square meters you want to paint, when you want the painters to start work and place of performance of works. There is also the possibility of inserting photos or sketches in the query, which gives us the opportunity to explain in detail what we want in order to reach the most adequate master.

After we have sent an inquiry, the platform will, in accordance with the stated criteria we have entered, offer us available contractors via e-mail. The offered masters will be ready to go out on the field and turn our living or working space within the time limit that suits us and that we stated in the inquiry. As we have expressed our wishes and requests by filling out inquiries, the possibility of misunderstandings will be prevented, because the contractors know what we expect from them, but also what they can expect on the field. All that remains is to choose one of the offered contractors who arrived by e-mail and to clarify the details of the cooperation.

Choose a master based on his grades

A new question arises, if the platform offers us more contractors, how can we make the right choice and decide on the best one? The reviews, ie the ratings of the performers, will help us in that. Namely, all the clients after the masters have finished their work have the opportunity to evaluate their work and effort, that is, to share their satisfaction with the performed performance, and they can do that by giving them a well-deserved grade and leaving a comment. As the reviews are transparent, based on them, we can make the right decision and choose the master who will do the job in the best possible way.

The platform offers another option that will surely be of crucial importance to us before performing the work and contacting the master. Within the Calculator section average prices of individual works, products and services can be found, which allows us to get detailed information about prices and costs before contacting contractors. Thanks to that, it will be easier for us to manage our budget, which we are ready to set aside for the realization of works.

Take advantage of the sunny days ahead of us to enjoy, while arranging and refreshing your home with reliable and professional craftsmen who will do their part of the job in the best possible way. Now you can have the ideal solution – free time for yourself and your loved ones because you don’t have to worry about looking for masters and waste time on often exhausting agreements with them, but also arranged space of your choice with minimal effort and “losing nerves”, Politika writes.