At the Russian food and beverage fair, 17 producers from Serbia are presented

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At the international food and beverage fair “World Food” in Moscow, which starts on September 21, the export offer will be presented by 17 domestic producers, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (PKS) announced today.
In the first half of 2021, Serbia exported the most apples, young cheese, strawberries, frozen cherries and raspberries to Russia, but also pet food, fruit seedlings, seed corn and soybeans, they say in PKS.
The director of the PKS representative office in Russia, Dejan Delic, stated that Serbia is among the leading exporters of agricultural products to Russia and that it is realistic to expect that in 2021, exports will exceed one billion dollars.
“This market for domestic agriculture, with the use of trade potentials on the basis of the Free Trade Agreement between Serbia and the Eurasian Economic Community, represents, in the long run – an exceptional business and export potential,” Delic pointed out.
He added that in the first half of 2021, compared to last year, Serbia exported products worth almost 530 million dollars to Russia, with a growth of 17.2 percent, while the total trade exchange is around one billion and 250 million, with a record coverage of imports from exports of 73.6 percent.
Delic said this is an ideal opportunity to promote new products at the upcoming fair, which connects thousands of companies from around the world with customers, retail experts, distributors and other partners, RTV reports.