Bajatović: We have enough gas

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We have enough financial resources, and enough alternatives, and I think that the contract with the Russians will be good enough in terms of price, that Serbia does not have to worry, said the director of “Srbijagas” Dusan Bajatovic.

He pointed out that the gas supply to Serbia is running smoothly.

“Gazprom delivers its contracted quantities. Now we have more than enough, we are filling the Banatski dvor gas storage with full capacity. There is no problem, “he said.

Bajatović expects that the public will be able to find out more details about the new gas supply contract that will be concluded with Russia’s “Gazprom” after May 15.

“Don’t ask me too much about the details. It is very inconvenient for me to start talking about the details now. “And because of the pressure that is being put on us when it comes to relations with Russia,” he said.

Bajatović says that Serbia will certainly conclude a new gas agreement with Russia.

“I am sure it will be favorable. It is very difficult to say whether it will be equally favorable. It is difficult to imagine that the price will remain the same, “he said.

He added that Serbia now has gas through the Balkan Stream, and access to the European gas market through Hungary, reports Tanjug.

“But the big question is how much gas there will be in a month or two, and how much you will be able to buy on the European market, there is a risk,” he said.

He explained that Serbia is leasing capacities in Alexandroupolis, building the Dimitrovgrad-Sofia interconnection, and will soon start finishing the interconnection to Romania.

“We will build another gas storage Banatski Itebej because Banatski dvor is a storage for peak loads. “When we will be able to store two to 2.5 billion cubic meters in Serbia, at that moment there will be warehouses for both supply and reserve,” he said.