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Home/News/Belgrade gives additional relief to caterers because of the corona

Belgrade gives additional relief to caterers because of the corona

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic stated today that the City of Belgrade will help caterers to overcome the problems they found themselves in due to the corona virus epidemic.
Thus, the City will reduce the rent for caterers who are in the facilities owned by the City of Belgrade by 50 percent for July and August, Vesic said for TV Happy, and the City Administration announced.
He stated that the second measure refers only to Vracar, the only municipality where, at the suggestion of citizens, it was forbidden to place gardens in parking lots last year, which is why a large number of catering facilities in Vracar are without gardens.
According to the decision of the Crisis Staff, restaurants and cafes on the territory of the city are allowed to work until 9 pm, and gardens until 11 pm, those restaurants and cafes in Vracar found themselves in a difficult position, says Vesic and states that because of that they will, at the session of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, which will be held until the end of the month, propose that the decision on setting up gardens of cafes and restaurants in Vracar be suspended until the end of this year.
“That means that these caterers from Vracar will be able to have gardens from the first of August,” said Vesic.
He added that catering and services are a branch of the economy in Belgrade that is most endangered due to lifestyle changes due to the corona virus, and that the City will do what it can, within its competence, to help restaurants and cafes survive this period more easily, Nova reports.