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Belgrade Waterfront is a Success Story

The most valuable part of the Serbian capital, on the right bank of the Sava, has experienced a revival in the last few years. Thanks to the synergy of Abu Dhabi-based Eagle Hills and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade Waterfront is today recognized as a place that unites the highest housing standards, first-class retail, cultural events and entertainment for all visitors and residents.
For tourists, Belgrade is well-known for its exciting nightlife, picturesque landscape of the confluence of two magnificent rivers and its tumultuous history etched into the sidewalks and facades. Belgrade is unique because it is a fusion of the traditional and modern.

This unique feature of the Serbian capital gained a new dimension over the past four years, providing a completely new concept of living and leisure to its residents and visitors with the realization of the biggest infrastructural project in the recent city’s history – Belgrade Waterfront.

“Belgrade Waterfront is so much more than an urban solution to revitalize the Sava riverfront and the old city. It is a manifestation of the modern vision of Belgrade as a city of infinite possibilities. It is a fusion of the world’s metropolises we long to visit – a comfortable, healthy, and sustainable way of life we strive to achieve in this contemporary world, and new business potentials that have waited way too long for better times to come to be fulfilled. That time has finally arrived”, says Ivana Lukić, the Head of Marketing at Belgrade Waterfront.
In 2014, the initial idea behind the project was to revive and restore one of the most valuable parts of the capital, on the Sava riverbank, to become a central tourist attraction and a focal point of happenings, where Belgraders could revel year-round, rather than being a final resting place for old ships. For this reason, the opening of Sava Promenada, the redesigned esplanade, was the first and symbolic step towards the development of this project. The story does not end here – over the last several years, many public spaces were opened, which not only changed the face of Belgrade but also the habits of people who live in it. Today, the Sava riverfront is a meeting place for families, young and urban people, the first choice to host business meetings or relax after a long day, as well as spend quality time with friends and family.Despite all the challenges that marked the year behind us, the biggest shopping centre in the region – Galerija Belgrade – was opened, reconstruction of the Sava Square was completed and soon, Kula Belgrade will take its final form. Galerija Belgrade stands out from everything else that exists on the market today, and not just in terms of size. The good mix of tenants is just a base that Kula is built upon as it provides even better offer of different goods and services.

In the year ahead of us, the project will enter the second phase of its construction, during which we can expect the opening of new construction sites, as well as residents moving into buildings BW Arcadia, BW Aurora and BW Metropolitan.

The selection of apartments, business, and public spaces in Belgrade Waterfront is the reason this project is hailed as “a neighbourhood of the future”. With a capacity for up to 14,000 people, and contemporary architectural solutions being used in each of its six districts, Belgrade Waterfront is a strong argument for including Belgrade in the group of the most developed metropolises and an attractive foreign investment destination.

Such a result on a domestic and global scale can be attributed to the extensive know-how of Eagle Hills, which portfolio encompasses similar projects in countries such as Jordan, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Ethiopia. The backbone of all these projects is ambitious and thorough planning and living according to the highest international standards. However, Belgrade Waterfront is always nurturing the local environment, architecture, traditions, and culture.

This new riverfront hub is now in a full swing – it intertwines a new sense of community with historic cultural jewels such as Sava Square and Belgrade Cooperative building, today’s HQ of Belgrade Waterfront. Kula Belgrade will be one of the cornerstones of this community. The famous hotel and residential brand St. Regis will soon open its first branded residences in Europe in this building, setting new standards for the residential offer in the city. With the arrival of this brand to our market, Belgrade will be richer for a new category of 5+ star hotels, which will change the kind of foreign tourists interested in visiting Serbia and the capital and show it to the world in a completely new light.

The conclusion is clear – every city needs a project such as this one as a catalyst to attracting foreign investmenta, enticing tourism and boosting the economy while offering citizens a completely new lifestyle. Engaging Serbian companies in the implementation of the project, as well as world-class architects and designers who have extensive experience in developing mega-projects globally – from designing to the construction phase – guarantees high-quality performance, but also creates new jobs.

Belgrade Waterfront is a success story which will inspire other investors in the following years to come to Serbia and to add a long-awaited value to the riverbanks and the city centre area. With the development of Belgrade Waterfront, the Serbian capital will surely have something to offer to global travellers and will become a new, main urban hub in the region.