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Benetton Serbia registered – Production at privatized Niteks in Nis starts in May

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Representatives of the technical sector and the group that runs the project aimed at opening a Benetton plant have been staying for two days in Nis where the company Benetton Serbia is registered.

Nis Mayor Milos Simonovic confirmed after the meeting with the representatives of Benetton that an agreement would be signed in mid-April and that the production at Niteks should commence as soon as in mid-May.

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Over the next four years, Benetton plans to employ 2,700 people. The total amount of the investment will be EUR 43 million, while the state will support this project with subsidies in the amount of EUR 9,000 per each newly created job. The plan is that the production starts on the lot and within the facilities of Niteks plant, as well as that Benetton brings two of its collaborators – suppliers to Nis and establishes a cooperation with domestic companies that can meet the standards of this company. Production will primarily be intended for export, and the plan is that the annual turnover amounts to EUR 72 million.

Benetton intends to have certain facilities of Niteks reconstructed, while the halls that neither meet its standards nor satisfy the production needs will be torn down and new ones will be built. A brand new equipment will be installed in such halls.

The City of Nis will provide maximum administrative support in the investment implementation (collecting of required documents and permits) and it will also help with the demolition of production halls that do not satisfy the needs of Benetton, as well as with the clearing of the terrain. The plan is that a duty free zone be expanded to the location of Niteks, which will then include customs offices to make customs procedures easier and faster since the production will be intended for export.

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