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Beocin Business Park new corporate web site launched

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Beocin Business Park (BBP) has launched today its new corporate web site

Business partners, media representatives and representatives of the companies in Beocin Business Park, as well as Lafarge BFC employees, had for the first time the opportunity to get acquainted with the new look and the new content of the corporate site, surf through the pages and get the assurance that the presentation of Beocin Business Park advantages is unique in Serbia.

On this occasion, addressing to the BBP homepage visitors, Mr. Gunnar Mitterbauer, the Financial Manager of Lafarge BFC, stated that the potential investors can obtain all relevant information on the investment advantages in Beocin Business Park furnished with all necessary infrastructure.  

Visitors of the new site, developed under the supervision of the Serbian IT experts, can find all necessary data in Serbian, English, Italian and French language, which demonstrates the will to attract investors from all sides. 

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Since the investors will have both all the latest news on Park development and access to all news essential for successful business in Serbia, the launch of BBP corporate web site presents just another step in further development of the existing partnerships and creation of new ones.

The new Beocin Business Park web site is an additional effort of Lafarge BFC to promote Serbia to both foreign and local investors. The fact that the Park has already 4 foreign investors shows the interest of investors for Vojvodina and the advantages for the new investors.

The Corporate Social Reponsibility (CSR) project in form of the BBP is an unique joint venture project of the French company Lafarge, the Austrian companies Asamer and Wietersdorfer and represents an additional long term commitment to Serbia and the Vojvodina region by LBFC shareholders.

The BBP team strongly believes that the new web site will become a favourable location and a popular source of information for all the new investors interested in Serbia, and that it will also shed the light on investment advantages in this part of Serbia.

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For all additional information, please be so kind to contact Mr. Vladimir Markovic, 381 63 321 490 * vladimir.markovic (at)

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