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Beograd Plaza awaits Land Use Plan

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The debris of the building of former Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kneza Milosa Street should be replaced, according to the announcements, with magnificent multifunctional complex Beograd Plaza, but it is still unknown when the construction will commence because the Land Use Plan is still being awaited.

Israeli company Plaza Centers, which bought the ruins three years ago, does not want to reveal too much about its intentions, but it announces that Beograd Plaza will make the citizens of Belgrade proud. When asked what they intend to do when they get the building permit, people at Plaza Center issued the following short statement.

– Ever since we bought the property in 2007, we have been closely cooperating with the local authorities to get the required building permit. After we obtain the building permit, we will immediately start the construction works. When it becomes relevant, we will inform the public since one such facility will be a huge success of all citizens of Belgrade. Beograd Plaza will be a multifunctional complex, a real symbol of luxury in the heart of Belgrade, and it will comprise a five-star hotel, a business tower, and an exclusive shopping gallery – reads the statement.

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If the commencement of construction of Beograd Plaza depends only on permits, the works should start next year.

– Making of the Land Use Plan for that location is underway. The agreement we have signed with Plaza Centers envisages testing of the possibility of construction. We are examining if it is possible to build more square meters in that location than the Master Plan of Belgrade allows, or if it is possible to build the same number of square meters but that the facility be higher than projected by the Master Plan. We hope that the Land Use Plan will be adopted during next year, but I do not want to speculate when because it is primarily necessary that the City Assembly adopts the study on high-rise buildings – says Zaklina Gligorijevic, the Director of the City Planning Institute.

In that way, the story of the ruined building of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs would be finally ended and Belgrade would get, according to earlier announcements, a complex at 100,000 square meters, worth 150 million euros, which would comprise a hotel, a restaurant with the view of the city, a conference center, a deluxe spa center, and a parking lot for 2,000 cars.


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