Brnabic and Matic toured the beginning of works on the road across Radan Mountain

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Today, during the tour of the beginning of works on the road across Radan Mountain, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić pointed out the importance of building that road for the development of tourism.

Brnabic said that the road would connect Caricin grad, Sijarinska Banja, Prolom Banja, Djavolja varos, Kursumlija and Lukovska Banja and the archeological site Plocnik, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications announced.

The Prime Minister emphasized that all “these tourist pearls” of Serbia will be infrastructurally connected.

In addition, as she stated, the construction of this road will shorten the travel time approximately three times and connect two districts – Jablanica and Toplica.

Matic pointed out that the construction of the road across Radan Mountain will enable the full flowering of the tourist potential.

The projects for the development and arrangement of the area of ​​southern Serbia will build a completely new profile of health, cultural and tourist destinations for tourists, she said.

Brnabić and Matić also visited the works on the reconstruction of the spa complex “Žubor” in Kuršumlijska Banja.

In October 2021, the Government of Serbia established the Interdepartmental Working Group for the Organization and Development of Southern Serbia, on the territory of Leskovac and Prokuplje, as well as the municipalities of Kursumlija, Lebane, Medvedja and Bojnik, Danas reports.