Budget surplus of 6.7 billion dinars was achieved in May

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In the period January – May of this year, the deficit of the republic’s budget was realized in the amount of 71 billion dinars, while in May alone a budget surplus of 6.7 billion dinars was recorded, the Ministry of Finance announced today.

Realized budget revenues during five months amounted to 655 billion dinars, and expenditures to 726 billion dinars.

When it comes to the results achieved only in May, revenues were collected in the amount of 145.3 billion dinars, of which tax revenues amounted to 127.8 billion. The largest part of tax revenues refers to the payment of VAT in the amount of 69 billion dinars, and excise duty in the amount of 27.7 billion. Non-tax revenues amounted to 16.8 billion dinars, and the inflow of donations amounted to 0.7 billion dinars in the said month.

In May, expenses were made in the amount of 138.6 billion dinars. Expenditures for employees were 30 billion dinars, and transfers to PIO, RFZO, NES and SOVO funds were 16.8 billion. Other current expenditures amounted to 17.5 billion dinars, considering that the fiscal stimulus for young people was paid from this category.

At the level of the general state, in the period January – May, a fiscal deficit of 58.8 billion dinars and a primary fiscal surplus in the amount of 11.1 billion dinars were realized, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Finance.

Serbia’s public debt decreased to 52.3 percent of GDP, and it also decreased in nominal terms

Serbia’s public debt decreased at the end of May 2022 by 260 million euros compared to April and amounted to 30.70 billion euros, according to today’s data from the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to the nominal decrease in the amount of public debt, its share in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) decreased by 0.5 percentage points to 52.3 percent in May.

The share of public debt in Serbia’s GDP has been reduced by 4.2 percent since the beginning of 2022 compared to the end of last year when it was 56.5 percent, which is the result of the continued solid economic growth of the country in the current year, according to the data in the table Ministry of Finance, RTV reports.