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By putting hydroelectric power plant Postice near Vlasotince in operation, Slovenian Interenergo started investment cycle worth EUR 50m

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(Hydroelectric power plant Postica)

By putting hydroelectric power plant Postica in the municipality of Vlasotince in operation, Ljubljana-based power company Interenergo started an investment cycle in the production of electric power from renewable sources in Serbia, which should reach the value of up to EUR 50m prior to 2012.

The first foreign investment in renewable energy sources in south Serbia, worth nearly EUR 1m, increased the production of clean energy in this region by 1,910 MWh on annual basis. The newly opened hydroelectric power plant has the installed power of 600 kW.

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During the next few years, Interenergo will also invest in other hydroelectric power plants, primarily in south Serbia.

Hydroelectric power plant Postica was put in operation in the presence of Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Škundrić, Austrian Ambassador to Belgrade Klemens Koje, and the representatives of the municipality of Vlasotince. Armin Wiersma, a member of Kelag’s management, and Interenergo’s directors Anton Papež and Kristijan Švarc were present on behalf of the investor.

– Construction of hydroelectric power plant Postica represents a pilot project that Interenergo implemented to enter the market of Serbia. In the years to come, we plan to invest in power plants with the annual capacity of 20 to 30 MW, which produce electricity from renewable energy sources. Serbia represents one of the most important markets in the region in Interenergo’s plans, which is the reason why we didn’t just build and sell the plant. On the contrary, we want to be permanently present in Serbia – said the company’s CEO Anton Papež.

– Serbia should use its natural potentials and attract as many direct foreign investments in renewable energy sources as possible. We welcome the arrival of Interenergo in Serbia and we will do our best to maximally increase the number of such investments in as short time as possible in order for the Jablanica region, as well as all other regions in Serbia with such potential, to get the opportunity for quick development – said Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Škundrić.

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– Kelag has extended its partnership with RWE Group and we plan to invest 1.6 billion euros in renewable energy sources within next ten years, EUR 400m of which will be invested in southeast Europe. Interenergo is 100% owned by Kelag and its local experience and knowledge will enable us to invest in this region – said Armin Wiersma, a member of Kelag’s management.

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