By stopping the Jadar project, Serbia lost the chance to increase its GDP by 15 billion euros

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The Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlović, stated that Serbia is a mining country and that stopping the development will take it back.
Speaking on the morning program of Happy Television, she said that lithium, along with copper and gold, is a critical mineral raw material in the world and that by stopping the “Jadar” project, Serbia lost the chance to be among the first in Europe to get a complete production chain.
– We have repealed the decree on the spatial plan, the “Jadar” project has been practically stopped, but we must not allow mining to be stopped in Serbia, because we are a mining country. Lithium, copper and gold are critical mineral raw materials in the world, and Serbia is rich in those raw materials. It is completely incomprehensible to say that mining in our country should be stopped, because it is not true that Serbia is only an agricultural country, and that there is no need to develop industry, mining. If we want to keep people here and create conditions for those who left to return, we must not stop, because that means going backwards, and then people will continue to leave Serbia – said Mihajlović, the Ministry announced.
She added that the idea was to have a lithium mine, a battery factory and an electric vehicle factory, which would increase Serbia’s GDP growth by another 15 billion euros.
– Mining is the future, if we do not develop it, we will stay aside again. Serbia was among the first countries to start research, and it is not wrong that the then government gave permits, and in the end we will be the last in the exploitation of lithium. Other countries have already started exploitation, and we have given up. I regret that we did not receive the results of the study on the impact on the environment, then everyone who was against, for various reasons, would see that this is a new technology. It would be an underground mine, fully digitalized, with the latest technologies, highly sophisticated equipment, with highly paid jobs. There would be no evaporation of sulfuric acid, no frying of jadarite to a thousand degrees, no liquid waste, nothing to scare the citizens for months – concluded Zorana Mihajlović, Novi Magazin reports.