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Car:Go service “welcome, but legally”; Yandex doing fine

Ride-sharing service Car:Go is welcome to work in Serbia, but must be registered according to the law, says Transport Minister Zorana Mihajlovic.

“I hear that Car:Go is shutting down, and then that it isn’t. All applications are welcome, we have Yandex that’s working, but fist they must register based on the Law on Road Transport, instead of illegally transporting passengers,” Mihajlovic told Prva TV.

Car:Go announced a few days ago that it would continue to work even after the proposed amendments to the said law have been adopted.

Previously, the company’s director Vuk Guberinic told that if the amendments are adopted, Car:Go will have to shut down.

Guberinic told Prva TV that the new legislation bans any firm that is not a licensed taxi company.

Source: B92