Chinese companies Zijin and HBIS are the largest exporters in Serbia

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The value of exports of the 15 largest exporters in Serbia for eight months this year was 3.4 billion euros, and the largest exporters are Zijin Bor Copper, whose exports were 556.1 million euros, and the owner of the Smederevo Ironworks HBIS Group, with exports of 409.4 million euros, the Ministry of Finance announced.
The Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS) with exports of 285.1 million euros is in third place, followed by Tiger Tires from Pirot with exports of 271.9 million euros.
The list includes Henkel Serbia with exports of 234.2 million euros, Leoni from Prokuplje with 220.2 million euros, Jura Corporation from Raca with 209.4 million euros, Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) Serbia with 189.3 million euros, Grundfos from Indjija with 162.6 million euros, HIP Petrohemija from Pancevo with 155 million euros.
Among the largest exporters are Bosch Belgrade with 151.7 million euros in exports, Philip Morris from Nis with 139 million euros, Hemofarm from Vrsac with 137.3 million euros, Tetra from Belgrade with 130.1 million euros, and ZF Pancevo with 129.7 million, N1 reports.