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Chinese travel agencies visiting Serbia - Serbia Business

Chinese travel agencies visiting Serbia

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Representatives of Beijing HCG Air Travel, Caissa Tourism Group, U Tour, Beijing Royal International Travel,, Beijing Hezhongyuan Air Travel Service, Beijing Yidayixing International Travel and Bravolinks will be in Serbia from March 30 to April 4.

Director of TOS Marija Labović pointed out that the meeting with colleagues from China was an opportunity to exchange experiences, present plans and coordinate steps so that 2023 would be a record year for the number of arrivals and overnight stays of Chinese tourists.

During his five-day stay in Serbia, he will visit Belgrade, its cultural and historical monuments, museums, the Church of Saint Sava, Belgrade on the Water, Kalemegdan and the bohemian quarter, Skadarlija.

They will also visit Novi Sad, Čačak, the first national capital of culture, Zlatibor, Tara, Bajina Bašta, Perućac and will enjoy driving the Šarganski eight.

Serbia is on the list of countries where group trips of Chinese tourists are made possible, and two direct flights have been established that exist today between Serbia and China, to Beijing and Tianjin, the statement added.

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