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Completion of expropriation for Corridor 10 by end of 2010 – New tenders for bypass around Belgrade in August

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Land expropriation for Corridor 10 should be finished by the end of the year – Zoran Drobnjak, the Director of Putevi Srbije, announced.

Drobnjak said that expropriation was nearly completed in the section of the future bypass between Batajnica and Dobanovci and that the contractor for that section would be appointed within the next few days.

He added that the public company had set aside 3 billion dinars for that purpose and that very little would be left to be done the next year, as well as that the loan in the same amount would be taken in the agreement with the Government of Serbia for expropriation works.

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The Director General of Putevi Srbije said that the tender for construction of Batajnica cloverleaf interchange would be announced on August 10th, while announcement of the tender for bridges on Sector 5, the bypass from Orlovaca to Beli Potok, was expected on August 17th.

He also announced that the works on construction of the bypass from Batajnica to Dobanovci and the works on Batajnica cloverleaf interchange would start in early September and late September, respectively.

Drobnjak said that the works on construction of three bridges on Sector 5, the bypass around Belgrade, should commence in early October. He added that the works on all those sections should be completed in two years.

He said that expropriation was a serious work in which both Putevi Srbije and the Administration for Incomes and Registries of Serbia were engaged.

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