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Construction in Kragujevac’s Korman field starts in March

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Construction of infrastructure for the main suppliers of Fiat in the duty free zone Korman field near Kragujevac is going to start in late March.

Between 500 and 600 million dinars, provided by the Ministry for National Investment Plan, will be invested in these works.

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– Complete project documentation for road, gas and water supply infrastructure, as well as for a technical block, should be prepared by the end of January – says Nebojsa Zdravkovic, the Fiat Automobili Srbija project coordinator.

He said that the first group of Fiat’s suppliers would be settled in Korman field, on about 40 ha of land, major share of which has already been registered with the state as its owner.

– We know that Fiat’s six main suppliers of components for production of vital parts will arrive in Kragujevac in the first phase – said Zdravkovic.

Due to a dispute with the owners of land in Korman field, the state has recently given up expropriation of 82 lots so that the area available to Fiat’s suppliers in this location will span 40 instead of 67 ha.

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