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Construction of bridge in Brodarevo to start in May

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Deputy Prime Minister Verity Kalanovic, Minister of Defence Dragan Sutanovac and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric said yesterday in Prijepolje that the government will help in the development of this part of Serbia.

Kalanovic said that the construction of a new bridge in Brodarevo will start in May and added that today’s visit to Brodarevo and Prijepolje is a confirmation of what the government promised in early December, when this area was struck by a natural disaster, and recalled that the Serbian Army set up a pontoon bridge as a temporary solution for movement of people and vehicles.

In addition, she noted that the project of a new bridge on the River Lim will be completed in late March. The construction might start in early May and the bridge could be opened for traffic by the end of the year.

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Over RSD 10 million has been set aside from the National Investment Plan for elaboration of main projects for repair of four bridges that were damaged in last year’s floods, she said and specified that additional RSD 59 million has been earmarked for the works on repair of two bridges that will start this year.

Sutanovac said that the Serbian Army helped the inhabitants of Brodarevo and other parts of Serbia that were hit by natural disasters by setting up a pontoon bridge which connects a number of villages with the city.

The Army has been here for three months already and it will stay here until the new bridge is erected, the Minister stated.

He recalled that the Army is in the process of professionalisation and that only professionals are working on the bridge – the members of the Pontoon battalion of Sabac.

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Sutanovac called on locals to apply for professional military service in the Serbian Army.

Ciric said that, in addition to checking up on the progress of the construction of the bridge, the aim of today’s visit of government representatives is evaluation of the economic situation in the area.

Kalanovic, Sutanovac and Ciric visited today the car factory FAP in Priboj, which delivered 32 trucks it produced with the help of the state for the needs of the Serbian Army.

Ciric said that the FAP will remain to be one of the priorities of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and pointed to the fact that this factory is important not only for Priboj, but for the entire state as well.

He said that the state is searching for a good strategic partner for FAP so that this company could be restructured properly and announced that the programme implemented by the ministries of economy and regional development, and defence and FAP will be continued with new deliveries.

Ciric added that once the factory increases its production, the employees will get higher salaries.

During the visit to Prijepolje, the government officials also spoke with municipal president Dragoljub Vidakovic on cleanup of consequences of floods and current development projects in the city.


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