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Construction of solar power plant in Bor in the pipeline

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Construction of the first solar power plant in Serbia will start soon in the vicinity of Bor – Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Škundrić said yesterday (June 14, 2010) in Bor.

Škundrić pointed out that solar panels can be installed on over 450 hectares of unused space in Mining-Smelter Basin (RTB) Bor and estimated that the energy obtained in that way could be equivalent to the electricity produced by an electric power plant of 100 MW.

He said that Bor was one of the sunniest municipalities in Serbia and that barren land, due to reflection, was ideal for solar investment.

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According to the words of Minister Škundrić, companies from Italy, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland are interested in this type of investments.

Also, the Minister pointed out that the change in the price of electricity would not be taken in consideration before it was estimated how the macroeconomic indexes would look at the end of the budget year.

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