Cukaru Peki will be the first green mine in Serbia

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The Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia, Zorana Mihajlovic, visited the future copper and gold mine Cukaru Peki near Bor, which should be opened in October, as well as the works on the reconstruction of the smelter in which 220 million euros will be invested.
She said that every contract with investors in the future will also contain a part on environmental protection.
“The condition of raising the quality of environmental health can be fulfilled only with investments, and the investment of 220 million euros in the reconstruction of the smelter means exactly that,” Mihajlovic pointed out, her Ministry announced.
She added that this strategic partnership also means higher salaries, new jobs, but also the preservation of the environment.
“From August, the emission of sulfur dioxide will be within the daily and annual limits, that is why the reconstruction of the smelter is important. Mining is not only the exploitation and processing of ore, but also the care of the people who live there and the care of the environment,” she said.
Mihajlovic emphasized that Cukaru Peki will be the first green mine in Serbia.
“Green mine means that it will use the latest technologies in mining, which means that it will be mostly digitized. That means that Serbia is rising on a European and world scale, because we will be the second copper producer in Europe,” she said.
The Minister stated that when it is opened, at the beginning of October, as expected, this mine will set standards for everyone else in Serbia, as well as that green, sustainable mining is the basis of economic development and the future.
The mayor of Bor, Aleksandar Milikic, said that the city became a large construction site thanks to mining.
“Today, Bor is successfully solving decades-old problems thanks to the support of the Government, the Ministry and its strategic partner, the company Zijin,” said Milikic.
The vice president of the company “Zijin”, Ke Chaoyeng, said that this company is at the very top in terms of copper production in the world, but also in terms of environmental protection.
“We are making every effort to raise the level of environmental protection. We will try to contribute to the increase of employment and better living conditions with the help of the Government and the local community,” he said, Nova reports.