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Data Center in Vrsac with a subsidy of 120.000 euros

The Ministry of Economy has awarded a grant of almost 120.000 euros to the HiTeam IT company for equipping a data center to provide service to foreign companies in Vrsac, writes Nova Ekonomija.

HiTeam has pledged to employ at least 15 part-time workers in return by the end of 2021, and will not reduce the total number of employees to below 39 for a period of three years from the completion of the investment project.

The company also committed to invest in fixed assets in the amount of not less than 749.000 euros, of which at least 25 percent must come from its own funds and not from state aid.

In an agreement with the Ministry of Economy, the investor was granted an incentive worth 15.96 percent of the cost of investing in fixed assets, or 119.540 euros. The money will be disbursed in two unequal annual tranches in 2020 and 2021, the contract reads.

HiTeam is owned by Belgrade-based E-Smart Systems. The data center in Vrsac was opened in 2018, and was visited the following year by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic as part of the “Future of Serbia” campaign, Nova Ekonomija reports.

HiTeam’s clients include Hemofarm, Fresenius and Stada IT Solutions, and according to the company’s official presentation, they are also collaborating with the Belgrade branch of the world-renowned video game company Ubisoft.