Development of quality infrastructure in Serbia

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The Government has made a decision on the establishment of the Quality Council, as an expert advisory body with the aim of developing the area of quality infrastructure in Serbia.
The task of the Council is to monitor and analyze the implementation of activities in the field of quality infrastructure, to give opinions and recommendations and to consider issues of importance for the development and improvement of quality infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia.
The Council cooperates with state bodies, bodies of autonomous provinces, local self-governments, organizations and other stakeholders in the field of quality infrastructure.
He can form special and professional working groups to carry out activities in the areas for which he is educated.
The President of the Council may invite to the session of the Council representatives of other bodies and organizations, as well as experts from various fields, in order to give expert opinions on certain issues within the competence of the Council.
The President, Deputy President, members and the Secretary of the Council are not entitled to remuneration for their work.
The Council shall submit a report on its work to the Government at least once a year, with the previously obtained opinion of the Minister in charge of quality infrastructure.
The Council adopts the Rules of Procedure which regulate the manner of work, convening and preparation of sessions, the manner of voting and decision-making, as well as all other issues of importance for the work of the Council.
Administrative and technical tasks for the needs of the Council are performed by the Ministry of Economy through the Secretary of the Council, eKapija reports.