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Dijamant Agrar invested 10 million euros in cattle fattening farm in Futog and new purchase center for fruits and vegetables in Begec

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A new modern cattle fattening farm in Futog and a new purchase center for fruits and vegetables in Begec were opened today (June 23, 2010). Dijamant Agrar invested over RSD 1bn in these two projects.

Cattle farm Planta, a greenfield investment, occupies 5.5 ha of land and represents one of the largest and most modern farms of the kind in Serbia. Opening of this farm facilitates annual production of over 2,000 heads of cattle whose meat is intended for both domestic and foreign market.

The production section of the farm comprises nine stables, a food silo, and a landfill with the capacity of 5,000 tonnes for storing manure. Cattle breeding and fodder production in production center Planta are completely mechanized and meet Global G.A.P. and ISO standards.

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Dijamant Agrar also intensively invests in the fruits and vegetables production and purchase contracting business. Also, construction of a new purchase center for fruits and vegetables with 4,000 square meters of cooling space has just been finished in Begec. The purchase station is situated in the very center of production of fruits and vegetables and it will be making long-term contracts for their production and purchase all around Vojvodina. The plan is that 25,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables worth over 2 billion dinars be purchased during the first year of work.

The center will also have a task to prepare goods for sale through modern distribution channels in accordance with the world’s highest standards. This investment will enable not only supply of goods to Serbian market, but also export to other countries.

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