During the war in Ukraine, there is no way for energy prices to go down

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Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said that Serbia acted in principle on the Russian attack on Ukraine by “condemning the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity”, but that no sanctions were imposed on Russia because Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s assessment was “not in our interest”.

Mali told Pink TV that during the war, “there is no way” for energy prices to go down, and that “we have to prepare for that situation.”

“We are protecting our interests. “We must ensure peace and stability and an increase in wages,” Mali said.

The Minister stated that as far as food is concerned, “we have enough of everything”, and that the stocks have been filled “to the brim”, as well as that wheat has been sown on 620,000 hectares, which guarantees that there will still be enough grain.

Mali could not specify what it will mean for Serbia if Bulgaria decides to stop importing Russian gas, N1 reports.