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Eastern Serbia

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Eastern Serbia
Zajecar is the administrative and business center of the region and as such reflects the characteristics of complete region. Private entrepreneurship is one of major supports of development of the municipality today. Of 2.200 economic entities on the territory of the municipality, there are about 1.700 shops and about 500 companies. Most of them operate in trade and catering and also in transportation activity but there are also those in all areas of production and services (healthcare, dentistry, veterinary science, informing etc.).
The following industrial branches are present on this territory: industry of nonmetals, metal complex and leather and textiles industry.
Territory of the municipality is rich in minerals, metals and coal. Geological reserves of anthracite and lignite amount to 25 million tons, while those of quartz sand amount to 10 million tons. On their exploitation (production, processing and transport) three mines are working actively.
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