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Economic cooperation between Serbia and Croatia on the rise

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic and Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor stressed on Friday that the two countries support each other on the path to the EU, adding that this path has no alternative.

Cvetkovic and Kosor told a joint press conference that their meeting looked at the economic cooperation between the two countries, their joint performance in third markets and state borders and refugee issues.

Today’s meeting shows that the bilateral relations between Serbia and Croatia are on the rise, Cvetkovic said, underlining that enhancement of regional cooperation is in the interest of both countries.

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Cvetkovic stressed that the economic cooperation between Serbia and Croatia has been improving year-on-year, adding that there is still room for further advance.

The meeting also contemplated joint performance of Serbian and Croatian companies in third markets.

Croatia, Serbia and other countries in the region see the EU as their final destination. I would like to state that Serbia fully endorses Croatia’s EU path, Cvetkovic stressed, noting that he was assured that the Croatia feels likewise about Serbia.

As for state borders, Cvetkovic outlined that certain progress has been made, voicing his expectation that this issue will be resolved by this summer and will not pose an obstacle on both countries’ EU path.

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Kosor noted that Croatia will endorse Serbia and all other countries in the region on there path to the EU, as this is a precondition for prosperity, peace and stability in this part of Europe.

She said that there is potential to boost the cooperation between their countries in the remits of construction, food and car industries.

We also discussed the issue of missing persons and refugees, Kosor observed, adding that these topics should be the starting point of all official talks between Belgrade and Zagreb.

Kosor announced a donors’ conference in the second half of 2011, to collect aid for refugees.

The two prime ministers announced a regional conference in which justice ministers, prosecutors and respectable lawyers from Serbian and Croatia will participate to resolve the issue of wanted notices for war crimes perpetrators.


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