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EIB to improve sanitation systems in Serbia’s capital

The European Investment Bank announced on 16 October a €35 million loan to finance the sewerage system of the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

The project will improve the living conditions for 170,000 people in the Palilula Municipality by providing vital infrastructure to local residents and reducing pollution of the Danube River and groundwater via the construction of a wastewater treatment plant.

The EIB also provided a technical assistance grant of up to €1.1 million for the preparation of the project under the Economic Resilience Initiative, which was created in 2016 to help shift patterns of migration and support forcibly displaced populations by increasing the resilience of economies to future shocks.

Apart from contributing to reducing environmental pollution, this project will increase EIB’s support for the environment sector in line with the EU strategy for the Western Balkans. Since 2000, the EU Bank has lent more than €5.4 billion to Serbia, supporting transport and environmental infrastructure, health, education research and development and SMEs.

Source; neweurope