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Eko Centar opened water bottling plant in Vladimirovci

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Provincial Secretary for Science and Technological Development Professor Dr. Dragoslav Petrovic opened on Friday in Vladimirci, in the municipality of Alibunar, a plant for production of mineral and table water within the company Eko Centar. It is the 86th new-technology plant, in which the Province has invested 6 million dinars, while the total investment value of the project is 12.7 million dinars. Implementation of this project will enable the employment of 40 people.

The business-production facility Eko Centar is built on a lot of 29 ares, on which there is a 400 square meter hall. The company has a research-exploitation well 141 meters deep, with the diameter of 216 mm and the flow rate of 3-5 liters of water per second. In the treatment process, spring water is enriched with active oxygen and liquid minerals, while its quality is checked by the Public Health Institute on a regular basis. Water is bottled in PET and polycarbonate bottles (15 and 19 liters), with the possibility of up to 50 refills.

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Eko Centar Director Aleksandar Panajotov expressed gratitude to the Government of Vojvodina for its contribution to the opening of the plant. When it comes to business plans, Mr. Panajotov expressed a hope that the company would expand its operations to surrounding countries over the next five years.


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