EPS has concluded the first contract with a commercial buyer-producer of electricity from renewable sources

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“On March 30, EPS concluded a contract with the company ‘Gruner Serbian’ from Vlasotince on full supply with a net bill for the period from April 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023,” it was stated in the announcement.

“Gruner Serbian” built a solar power plant on the roof of the production facility, with an installed capacity of 500 kilowatts, and by connecting that solar power plant, the buyer-producer will use the produced electricity for his own consumption, and will deliver the surplus to the electricity system.

In that way, the bills for the taken over electricity that “Gruner Serbian” bought on the open market will be significantly reduced.

EPS also signed contracts with households that submitted requests for concluding contracts for complete supply with net metering, and immediately informed the distribution system operator, Elektrodistribucija Srbije, about them.

The next step is to connect the power plant to the electricity system, which is required to be done by the distribution system operator within five days of concluding the contract.

After the connection, in the next five days, the distribution system operator enters the end customer in the Register of Customers-Producers.

EPS has posted the instruction “How to become a buyer-producer” on its website, at the link http://www.eps.rs/cir/snabdevanje/Pages/kupac-proizvodjac.aspx, and it has published requests for concluding contracts on full supply with net metering or net billing, as well as models of contracts on full supply of electricity for customers-producers.

Attached to the request is the Notice on the adjustment of the metering point, issued by the distribution system operator. It is part of the necessary documentation for households and companies that intend to produce electricity from renewable sources for their own needs, with the possibility to deliver surplus energy to the system or take over electricity when they need it.

A contract on complete supply with net metering is concluded with households, and a contract on complete supply with net calculation is concluded with companies. The essential difference between net metering and net billing is that in net billing, the price of taken over electricity does not have to be the same as the price at which electricity is delivered to the electricity system.

Before submitting the request for concluding the contract, it is necessary for the buyer to build a power plant that uses renewable energy sources and whose installed capacity is not higher than the approved connection power of the customer’s facility. It is also necessary, as stated, to adjust the metering point, ie to install a two-way meter, as well as to provide the system operator with confirmation that the devices, installations and metering point are correct and in accordance with regulations and standards, 021 reports.

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