EU will finance the improvement of the meat market

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The European Union, through a twinning project, will finance the improvement of the meat market in Serbia with one million euros, with the aim of supporting the establishment of a classification system for beef and pork carcasses in accordance with the EU’s common agricultural policy.

Experts from Spain and Latvia who will cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia will implement this project in the next 18 months, the relevant ministry announced.

The general goal of the project is to guide meat producers towards the demands of the market and consumers, as well as to improve the quality of meat production and the transparency of the meat market in Serbia.

The project should result in the establishment of a mandatory system of classification of beef and pork carcasses on the slaughter line and the reporting of their prices in accordance with European Union regulations, as well as the application of definitions, stickers and sales labels.

Assistant Minister of Agriculture and project leader Nenad Katanić explained that during the implementation of the project, work will be done on establishing a carcass classification system in accordance with the common agricultural policy of the EU, drafting by-laws and determining the national formula for classifying pig carcasses on the slaughter line, the ministry announced.

He added that the activities also refer to the training of classifiers, the control body and the competent inspection authorities and the establishment of the systems required for the implementation of market regulation rules and measures.

Assistant Minister of Agriculture for International Cooperation Vedrana Ilić thanked the European Union on behalf of the Ministry for its continuous support and financing of projects within the instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA), as well as providing funds for this project as well.

Ambassador of Spain in Serbia Raul Bartolome Molina pointed out that through cooperation projects between the state institutions of Spain and Serbia, both countries work together on the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of every citizen.

The representative of the EU Delegation in Serbia, Sakelaris Hourdas, mentioned the importance of trade in agricultural products, where Serbia traditionally exports more than it imports, and referred to the importance of this project for harmonizing quality standards and meeting consumer demands, Euronews reports.