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“EU’s steel measures won’t significantly affect Serbia”

Jean Claude Juncker has informed Aleksandar Vucic that the planned protective measures on steel imports in the EU will not have significant effect on Serbia.

“Our estimation is that within the proposed protective measures on steel imports, the usual trade flows of Serbia for the three product categories would not be affected at all or at least would not be significantly affected,” Juncker, who heads the European Commission, said in a letter published by the Serbian president’s office.

This was a reply to Vucic’s letter sent on January 10, where he pointed out to the possible consequences of EU’s measures on Serbia.

Juncker noted that a review clause that had been inserted unequivocally included the possibility of adjusting the safeguards in case they lead to adverse effects such as risks to stability or risks to economic development of priority trade partners, the president’s press office said in a statement.

Based on Vucic’s request, the European Commission has committed to review the situation by July 2019 at the latest, Juncker also stated.

Source; B92