Excise taxes on Eurodiesel in Serbia are the highest in the region

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The price of fuel in Serbia is among the highest in the region due to state levies, which make up 52.3 percent of the retail price of gasoline and 51.3 percent of the price of diesel.

For every liter of unleaded gasoline of 95 octane, which costs 170 dinars, oil companies get 81.07 dinars, and the state 88.92 dinars.

Of that, the excise tax is 57.84 dinars, VAT 28.33 dinars, the fee for required reserves 2.6 dinars and the fee for improving energy efficiency 15 pairs.

Eurodiesel reached the price of 179 dinars, and the distribution of taxes is similar. According to the law on excises in Serbia, harmonization with retail prices follows, which usually happens in February, although there are no rules. If they would increase by 7.9 percent and when VAT is applied to that increase, it would mean a increase in fuel prices of about 5.5 dinars per liter, the paper states.

Currently, gasoline in Serbia is among the most expensive in the region and lags only behind Croatia, where a liter is 1.51 euros, and Greece, where it is 1,795 euros. It is even worse with Eurodiesel because it is more expensive only in Greece, while a liter of Eurodiesel in Serbia is 42 dinars more expensive than in Northern Macedonia or 35 dinars more than in BiH.

Over time, fuel levies have become a significant item in the budget. Namely, last year, only excises, not counting VAT and other taxes, brought 182 billion dinars to the state treasury, and the original budget provided 170 billion.

Compared to the surrounding countries, Serbia has by far the highest excise duties on Eurodiesel, 0.49 euro cents per liter, more than even in Greece, Danas reports, adding that any increase in diesel prices is quickly passed on to final consumers through rising transport or production prices, agriculture, Danas writes.