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Expensive gas by agreement

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Prices of electricity and gas should be assessed by the NBS, to sit until the end of the year. The state is said to have been spent the planned increase in regulated prices in 2011. This means that any new increase in the prices of energy, which is confirmed by the Serbian government, may endanger the projected inflation.

The EPS, as they say, do not think to ask for a new electricity price rises this year, but Srbijagas planning to apply for calculation of gas from the Energy Agency.
The NBS said the growth of controlled prices in the first three months, with a calculated increase in the price of electricity, was 7.5 percent, which is used up plan for this year.
In contrast to the regulated price, made on the basis of political decisions, oil and gas prices fall under a different issue says economist John Nikolic. The direct costs for the gas enters the movement of prices of raw materials, which showed an increase. Therefore, neither the price in Serbia can be formed by the world market. This energy has a large share of inflation

The Competition Commission has sent a Srbijagas letter after allegations Dusan Bajatovic to Azotara Pancevo, Methanolacetic combine and Petrochemicals could receive about one billion cubic meters of gas at lower prices. To prevent a possible violation of competition, the advice of this body has warned Srbijagas you must apply a level playing field for all customers.

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