Experts predict high inflation: How to save your savings

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The founder of the portal and financial advisor, Dušan Uzelac, spoke for our portal about the current economic situation during the crisis of inflation and war conflicts. What to invest in in more uncertain times.

Speaking for the portal, Uzelac pointed out that nowadays money must not stand still.

“Inflation is an invisible tax. She eats what we have, which actually means that the worst thing is that the money is worth it. It needs to be activated and invested.

However, he claims that the question of where to invest money and what to invest in is an individual category.

“I can’t say ‘invest in bitcoin’ or ‘invest in raspberries’ because you will eventually decide to invest in what you understand or believe in. There is so much money in circulation that trends are growing in all directions. Someone is investing in businesses, some in real estate, some in bitcoins, even though he doesn’t know what bitcoins are and someone can’t go further than the bank, even though his money is lost because the banks give lower interest rates than inflation, “said Uzelac, adding that every investment carries with it a risk factor.

“Of course, you can give money to something you don’t understand, but it’s not called investing, it’s called gambling. I have nothing against those who invest money in cryptocurrencies, it’s just not investing. Cryptocurrencies are digital collectibles. They have no use value.” You are buying a picture and the only generator of the price of that picture is your desire, will and hope that someone will appreciate that picture more tomorrow, Uzelac finished, Nova writes.