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Home/News/Fiscal Council of Serbia does not suggest privatization of EPS

Fiscal Council of Serbia does not suggest privatization of EPS

The Fiscal Council responded to Danas’s article on the Serbian Electric Power Company, stating that the recommendations of the Fiscal Council for reform and increase of EPS investments were incorrectly transposed.
A text entitled ” EPS since October is a joint-stock company “states: ” Given that the government in Serbia is reluctant to allocate budget funds for investments, especially when it comes to billions of euros, it is evident that the Fiscal Council’s assessment also suggests that the necessary financial resources EPS should find through privatization. ”
On the contrary, the Fiscal Council’s analysis shows that all 5.6 billion euros needed for new investments over the next ten years can and should be provided by EPS solely by reforming its operations – not from privatization or budgetary resources.
The proposed reforms have defined and quantified their effects, and have made it clear that it is the responsibility of the Government and the company itself to finally implement them”, the Fiscal Council said in a statement, SeeBiz writes.