For the local economic development of Kragujevac in 2022, 45.2 million dinars

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The City Council of Kragujevac has adopted the Program for the distribution of funds for financing local economic development in 2022. Most of the funds – 15 million dinars, out of the planned 45.2 million, were allocated for subsidies to private companies through competitions for incentive funds for the development of ICT and the metal sector, as well as for sectoral networking.

10.8 million dinars are planned for the implementation of active employment policy measures, and they include employment through the public works program, subsidies for employment of hard-to-employ persons and subsidies for self-employment.

The members of the council also adopted the Environmental Monitoring Program on the territory of the city for the current year, which includes air quality control with measuring the concentration of allergenic pollen, noise levels in the environment and surface water quality control. The program defines measuring points and dynamics of measurements as well as the method of processing, data analysis and reporting.

For those purposes, five million dinars are planned in the city budget.

The environmental monitoring program on the territory of Kragujevac in 2022 is a continuation and expansion of activities that began more than 30 years ago. All measurements and interpretation of the obtained results will be performed by authorized professional institutions, in accordance with the laws, bylaws and prescribed programs, it is stated on the website of the city of Kragujevac, Ekapija writes.