For yard maintenance and more than 200 euros per month

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The ideal time for arranging the yard is certainly when the circumstances allow it. However, when it comes to greenery and grass, the second half of February is an ideal period for gardening. Its maintenance can cost between 20,000 and 25,000 dinars per month, and as this job is not easy, finding a worker for this service is not easy.

Namely, greenery like grass and the like grows throughout the year, and the only growth is somewhat slow during the winter. The first works should be done in the second half of February – verticulation (combing) and aeration of lawns (making holes in the ground, so that the air reaches the roots).

“This should be done when the grass is at the beginning of the vegetation, when it is in its slow phase and is preparing for the season. Already in March and April, the grass is growing at full capacity, so the first seasonal works should be done beforehand – raking. cleaning from moss, dirt, dirt, leftover leaves and other things “, explains gardener Radomir Ijačić for

According to him, there are no strictly determined prices for arranging the yard per square meter, and they differ, especially when it comes to maintenance, because they also depend on the distance of the land that is being arranged and a few other things.

“The price is agreed on the spot, but the approximate amount for the monthly maintenance of the area from 10 to 12 acres is from 20,000 to 25,000 dinars.” This includes the maintenance of the surrounding fence, conifers, roses, lawns, jardinieres and more. All this includes machining, manual pruning, top dressing and protection treatments, so it is a wide range of obligations. Of course, additional requests are additionally charged, and the price is greatly affected by the current condition of the yard, but again, everything is a matter of agreement, “our interlocutor emphasized.

As he says, no one arranges the yard better than the owner himself, but on the condition that he understands the business.

Gardeners in deficit

Although many are “late to work”, the demand for gardeners is high, especially now, during the crowning crisis. Still, finding workers is a real challenge.

We don’t know what to do with the job, but there is no workforce. My per diems are around 35 euros, and the working day lasts eight hours a day. As much as I work, so does my worker, as he is my tool, I bring a man to the place and show him everything. It is difficult to find people you trust, someone who knows how to use tools and machines, there are fewer and fewer of them. Older people can no longer work, and it is not easy to find a quality worker among young people “, complained Ijacic, better known as the gardener Rasa.

He adds that, although it seems that it is a simple job, gardening requires a lot of thinking, so he does not rely only on strength.

The most frequently requested services at the moment are clearing the plots, because many discovered the charms of the yard during the closing due to the corona virus pandemic.

“Almost everyone remembered that there was a plot or a weekend house somewhere. In this situation, people are still discovering it, and everything they find has healed. It is often the case that the owners did not come for 10-15 years or even more. That is the most sought after thing, and gardeners avoid it, because it is a difficult and difficult to collect job, but it is now expanding and there will be more and more of it “, concluded our interlocutor, Biznis reports.